It’s a Year End Recap

How does one recap an entire year?

To recap a year seems impossible.  This year was so good yet so rough.  For fear of sounding like a total sap I won’t tell you that no matter how crappy some life events may be, and how trying and tumultuous my moods might get, as long as I have my husband to live life with, it’s alright with me.  (It’s good I’m not sappy, much).  I’m thankful for my immediate and extended family and dear friends and never want to lose sight of the blessing that they are.

We had two deaths in the family only a few months apart.  And random series’ of events that were little…but big at the same time.   I believe no matter the scale of the event, stress and worry definitely affect my mood.  I had several triggers this year that threw my mood into a funk at best, and a tailspin at worst.  As always I communicated with my psychiatrist to keep my mental state healthy!  It’s a ongoing “battle.”  Some days it’s a walk in the park and some days it truly is a fight for survival.  But it’s worth it.  Worth the fight.  ALWAYS.

In January, my grandfather passed away.  I was able to see him shortly before he passed.  It was a beautiful last memory, as far as these things go.  I have peace.  Our twins turned two in February and in March our fourth baby niece was born– A MAJOR HIGHLIGHT of the year.  Sweet precious girl, we adore her so!  April was a big deal because Mrs Bipolarity was born! April was also the month my Grandmother passed away. Sad times. Hospice is hard and I struggled with my mood. May… what happened in May…?, and on to June when our oldest son turned four years old.  How did that happen?  I have no idea how time goes this fast!  July… I might have turned thirty-one but I’m not confirming anything.  Autumn rapidly approached and my annual cycle of depression started lurking.  Plenty of “mini-trauma” (as I call things some of the things that trigger my mood).  Finally, Christmas and New Years sneaked up on me and here I am.  Still standing up–neither strong nor week–but at least I’m standing up!

One of the highlights of 2013 was coming out of the bipolar closet.  One of the best things I’ve decided to do.  I know it’s helped a lot of people, and that’s why I do it.  I do this to help people and to fight stimga.  When I get discouraged, and think about stopping–someone comes to me with a story of encouragement and reminds me how worth while this journey is…and onward I march.

Thank you.  Each of you, reading this now.  I thank you.

mrs bipolarity head2013 was full of high-highs and low-lows of life, but I think everyone (bipolar or not) experiences that! I wish you contentment (because that’s better than happiness), stability (whatever that looks like to you), peace (because who doesn’t want peace?), self-awareness (you betta recognize!), the tools to fight this never ending fight, and above all I wish you to find what you’re looking for and that God blesses you richly in 2014.

Happy, Happy New Year,

All my best,

Mrs Bipolarity


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10 responses to “It’s a Year End Recap

  1. So happy to see your smiling face again!

  2. Ah, my brave friend we seem to have quite a lot in common, particularly us both choosing to “out” ourselves this year as bipolar. Tricky business it is indeed but truly liberating in that it forces you to acknowledge to yourself who you really are and forces you to be vulnerable, which do me (per Brene Brown who I adore) is daring greatly. And, until we dare greatly, we don’t accomplish great things … yes, you do get bruised and battered when you ‘come-out,’ and it’s not all tip-toeing in tulips, but it’s been a decision I have been glad I made each and every day. And, after checking our your blog, I am so glad you made the same one. Wishing you the very best and very well written post.
    Kerry Martin, Founder,
    Hope Xchange Nonprofit
    For bipolars by bipolars

    • Ah yes! Hello! I just found your Facebook page for Hope Xchange! Very cool! Thank you for commenting here and thank you so so much for your kind words🙂 I’d love to talk more and possible find ways to work together!

  3. savemefrombpd

    Pretty and happy face. That’s good. Have a much better year on 2014!!

  4. Congrats on all you have accomplished this past year! And all the best for the year ahead. Keep crusading🙂

  5. Amy

    I wish you all the best in this new year. I look forward to your future posts!

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