Stop Finishing My Sentences

Have you ever typed something into Google, only to have the auto-complete feature fill in the blank by finishing your sentence with absurdities?  Check this out.

google 1 google 2 google 3


I feel so attacked, so betrayed.

Each sentence shows a “reflection of the search activity of all web users” says Google’s Help page.  And just so you know, this is not an attack on Google whatsoever.  Google’s just stuck in the middle.

What I’m saying is each sentence reflects a majority of people who hold that belief.  Yikes.

So basically, Google’s auto-complete algorithm bases these sentence completions off of popular searches, so with that in mind…what the hell, people?

I’m pretty hurt (well, except for the “bipolar people are smarter” one).  I’m apparently taking this personally.  Bipolar people are not categorically mean or selfish… and annoying?

To the masses of people who think things like this…

Do those whiny-assed Cancer patients annoy you as well?  My God, people with diabetes shouldn’t be allowed to have children.  Oh! You’re physically sick with something you have absolutely no control over?  A new kidney you say? You’re isolated from the community.  Done.  If I don’t understand your illness, YOU’RE OUT!


Does anyone else see how absurd this all is?  Stupid.

And to be clear, and to NOT be taken out of context…I don’t think that way about Cancer and Diabetes.  OBVIOUSLY.  Bipolar isn’t my fault, no more than Cancer is the fault of a person struggling to survive that.  I’m not comparing the two in the sense of competing for which is worse (because that’s irrelevant).  What I’m saying is this.  It doesn’t make me less of a person. For people to be blamed for something they can’t control is ludicrous.

I feel like this type of thing is a huge step backwards in fighting stigma, and a huge step backwards in the acceptance and understanding of mental illness.  However, being the kind of person that I am…the knowledge of this just makes me want to fight stigma harder!  Join me, won’t you?!

Not Surprised,

Still Offended,

Mrs Bipolarity


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10 responses to “Stop Finishing My Sentences

  1. Teresa

    I understand! I feel judged about helping my son file for disability. Although he ha worked everyday since he was 16, even with BPD. Now it has become so bad he cannot work. But he looks fine and many days acts fine. But People can’t see in his head, so they think there is no problem. It is frustrating and depressing.

  2. This is a very insightful reflection on some very misguided stigma that persists about mental illness. I’m going to link this to my author page tomorrow. Well said.

  3. I think things are changing, but there is still a stigma with mental illness. Hopefully these search results don’t reflect community opinion, maybe just uninformed people are searching more. If you know a little bit about mental illness and know bi-polar people are not violent, you are not likely to search for it, I hope those results don’t really reflect majority opinion.

  4. I can’t believe this. It makes me so sad that those searches come up first. Almost to tears sad. It’s offensive and just horrible. It also adds to the shame we already feel. Google – I’m disappointed by you.

  5. wastedeuphoria

    I try to not let this stigma impact my self image, but the question often reoccurs in my mind. With my condition, is the possibility of genetically passing on this struggle enough to deem it not smart to have children? It is one of my deepest wants, but a fear as well. However, I believe that I could be a good parent and so I attempt to ignore this thought.

    Anyway, I love your cause! I try my best to disrupt the ignorance to bipolar or other mental illnesses, even if it often makes my friends uncomfortable.


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  7. This is why it is so important to keep talking about bipolar disorder and mental illness as a whole. There are still so many out there who don’t understand it. The more we talk about it and show just how human we really are, the more good we can do.

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