World Bipolar Day-March 30

Today is World Bipolar Day!

Y’all, this is what it’s all about!  Spreading the word of truth about bipolar disorder. I started to share my story and to talk about the reality of mental illness.

I want people to know what bipolar disorder REALLY is, and to fight the stigma that’s so heavily associated with mental illness. We’ve got to fight it!

Please feel free to share your story or tell me what World Bipolar Day means to you!

World Bipolar Day

Your Advocate,

Mrs Bipolarity

About Mrs Bipolarity

Outting herself as having bipolar disorder this year with determination to fight the stigma that comes with mental illness. Laura, herself was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2002 and now proudly lives a mostly-stable life in Houston, with her husband Mr SQ and their three kids.
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2 Responses to World Bipolar Day-March 30

  1. Daniel J. Max says:

    Reblogged this on Life is hope.

  2. Wow, cool! Although it may at times be awfully unpleasant, WEIRD IS GOOD! Happy BP day!

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